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Next morning she would feel like a slut. For you. Our readers. You owe me one. In addition to the genre misnomer, it needed an editor.

Pronouns are wrong. Events go in circles. Some things are physically impossible. How many times did she refuse to look at him and then commented on his smile shooting straight to her lady bits. Or at least get things straight in their head. The idea was decent.


Kidnapped the Wrong Sister

Well decent as far as contemporary romance ideas go. But the follow through… well it got distracted by a butterfly and chased that instead. Do not waste your time.

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Click here to get your copy today! I have to put that there….

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It was so good I stayed up the same day I started it and finished it within a couple hours! I liked the book, every time I started getting annoyed with the storyline there was a sudden twist. The storyline could have been a little more complex and a little less ordinary. Love Love Love.

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I have read this book now for 4 times. Good but not good. Great read!. Steamy Romance and Heartfelt Love. Kidnapped the wrong sister. Everyone, quit being so rude!

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If you don't like it then don't freaken read it!!!!!!! Do you guys know how much hard work it takes to make a book?

Kidnapped the Wrong Sister

Plot, grammar, dialogue, characters I feel like a year-old girl interested in the art of light BDSM wrote this. Did she even pass it through an editor or did she just use a second grader?

The fact that this was even published is an insult. It's basically saying being an author is easy. Potential writers are reading this and thinking "Huh, I guess it's not hard to get published. Unless this was a parody.

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In which case, you got me. Loved This Book.

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I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The characters were well written and I could picture each one of them. I could guess how things would go for Denora and Nikias but enjoyed how they got there. The only reason I give this book 4 stars instead of 5 is because, for me, it ended too soon.