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If it is "just" better but I am not able to know why, I will state that explicitly. Otherwise this article will become like fanboy VS articles out there.

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These are some of classic claims I keep seeing over and over, without reasons :. If anything is a reason to stay away from Unity, this is it. That is the time it takes to enter play mode. What domain? This is not a compile time that you see the spinner, but it is the time that C reset its state which is the pause after that spinner. And it is the pause before entering, and also after recompiling script each time. No, asmdef will not help you, that only helps with the spinner and not the freeze afterwards.

At first it is not much, but as you give in to Unity and grow your project.. And it even doesn't have to take that long, my stupid-looking game is already taking 11 seconds to enter play mode. It is a lot, it adds up the more you want to do iterative design and it throws you off the flow, most importantly. If I create an absolutely empty scene in a heavy project, to enter play mode on that scene would take as long as the other scene.

Judging from this thread it seems UE can iterate pretty dang fast. It is one thing that make or break the engine choice to be honest. I can see myself choosing UE just because of this. And no one could tell you about this. It may increasingly be the case that everyone has his first project in Unity and learned the lesson, and now sticking with Unreal because there is no hidden problem waiting at the very end.

Is it true? If you ask me if I can migrate project instantly without any time cost but you cannot come back to Unity again ever would I move this project to Unreal? No, I still value Unity's interface. For others, I can see that this is a sound option given how important it is to quickly iterate on the play mode. This is worse than bugs which are quite rampant in Unity. Bugs could be reported and fixed. This is by design and unfortunately not a good design.

It is ironic that I have to avoid entering play mode when I am using a game engine. This area makes Unity sounds like a still in-development engine rather than a complete one.

What is the solution then? Make a new project , lol. It's not a joke however as recently with Unity Package Manager you could link packages from other places. If you make your game in pieces, and use a new project to edit those pieces, then the project that contains each individual pieces will have an acceptable iteration time.

Pieces inside the same project is useless against domain reload.

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And Unity Hub now could quite easily open multiple instances of Unity. Fortunately multiple Unity instances is not costing much. Unity's Timeline feature is also a good solution because you could preview time-sentitive things like UI transition without entering play mode. As opposed to Animator which its state machine is only available in play mode Imagine games made before Timeline's addition that is trying to time some explosion effect together with some other event.. It could trigger in edit mode too but it may link with other play mode only things that you have to enter play mode anyways.

Each play mode is rage inducing because I then found some little bugs that prevents it from going further, I feel stupid and also have to wait more 30 seconds for script compile x1, then it reloads after the script compile and also again when entering play mode. Fortunately exit play mode won't reload.

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If they add some button I could press in play mode so that it restart play mode instead, I could save 1 domain reload on entering. Unfortunately, no option here is comparable to that. When it is a phase to iterate by entering play mode, I have to work laying down on bed so I could recover my back spine while it reloads.

It takes that much time that my back actually recovers Also it helps to close my eye in between each play mode. The time taken to enter could save my eye sight in the long run rather than having to look at freezing Unity editor. Imagine getting a runtime error on the first frame after that wait Now even if I have a proper TDD design to automate testing of my scenes, I feel reluctant to click on the integration test because it would take so long to start one. The only remedy is to run multiple tests in a row as entering play mode is only once. Also it is usually the case that you run individual test at first and fix problems, you run them all after your game shipped and test for regressions.

Still not using it yet, but it better be faster than Unity.

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This is a now famous number from Unity at GDC , where the company start pushing the "Performance by Default" motto. Which gives everyone hope. The clip has been fast forwarded to that time :. What's reassuring is that the CTO himself is feeling the same pain as you! He's saying it.

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Changing C script in a large project file, reimporting, or anything, should cost less than ms, but it didn't! He said it made him angry. To be honest that sentence made me happy. But what's worrying is that how could Unity get there? Currently it is like.. It will be damn great to create in Unity once all the pieces assembled together. I could see some of the pieces previously, even though it is not explicitly stated in the patch note that these are the part of ms plan :.

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I am thinking of printing this and frame it, because finally we could do something about this dang curse. So the domain reload is not going anywhere, but we could turn it off!!! If you sure you don't have static variable junk from the last round of play or you design them properly that old value has no effect, then this Unity team said that resetting all the static is the big part of time taken. So if you ended up hand-resetting all of them later then no gains.

But it is better to design without static in the first place just for this feature. Here's where you could try it if you are on alpha version. That's surprise me not in just that the number is so low, the number arrives at around ms, so it looks like CTO had measured a theoretically possible time before making that announcement?

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It's a very big deal that we have to change how we program things to accommodate this. Holy cow. C reflection system may looks evil but it is actually the base of many important systems in Unity, particularly the type information which we need to constantly ask the whole assembly what it got right now. Many editor code and of course ECS need to be kickstarted somewhere with a list of all possible types defined.

Serialization too, so it knows the structure of that type. In This blog post summarize very well what is the problem and it is closely related to play mode iteration time. Check it out :. You can see it is becoming a theme with Unity and later in this article as well, that you will see they openly say what went wrong, and not afraid to say "so we are scrapping this and that". I love this. No other company's patch note talks like this and just talk about improvements. Blueprint is a visual scripting system in Unreal before UE4 it was using a system called Kismet.

Objectively comparing Unity and Unreal Engine

Many compare Blueprint with Prefabs in Unity, but it's more than that. It is a codegen. And in the context of play mode iteration, this means the compile time will not expands exponentially like Unity because each one compiles individually. Ok, the compile time is equal to the spinner in Unity but we were talking about that freeze afterwards. I think there is no domain to reload in UE.